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Walking Tours of Doncaster

As attraction sights cluster together, walking tours in Doncaster are highly patronized to achieve special tours with its in-depth discussions. The cultural heritage and all sorts of historical icons and sculptures are very evident along the way that one cannot help but admire its beauty. As the tour goes, strolling around the area at Broadworth Hall Gardens to where colourful paintings, displays and a collection of ground floor gardens are visible offers a fantastic moment of the walking tours. Here are just some of the walking trails in Doncaster.

1. Cantley Park and Sandal Beat Unled Trail

The 3.6-mile walk sets from Cantley park pavilion and takes you through a designated site of unique scientific interest with a wide range of exciting and rare wildlife. Along the trail, you will discover the Cantley park pavilion built using Liveability obtained funds and opened to the public during 2011 summer.

2. Carcroft walking Tour

It is one of the most extensive and gentle trails in Doncaster. The walk extends to about 4.4 miles (8,800 steps) for the more casual stroll, a short Carcroft tour route which extends to a less long distance of 1.3 miles. The most extended walk starts at the junction of Langdale Road and Chestnut Avenue towards the High street, and all the way to cross field lane past the lodge road where you get to enjoy a beautiful scenery of Skellow Cross Plantation Wood. The walk continues to the Skellow highway via the Mill and Crabgate where you take the turn to the starting point. The short Carcroft tour route does not extend past Lodge road but instead takes turn back to a Chestnut Avenue.

3. The Denaby Tour walk

The walk stretches up to 1.6 miles (about 2800 steps). It kicks off and comes to an end at the beautiful scenery of Deneby Memorial Park. There is a play park available approximately halfway through to keep the younger ones occupied. The walk takes into Doncaster road past the flower park and down to Wheatley street, past the Bolton street all the way to church walk and to the finishing point.

4. Edington Fun Tour Walk 

Edington walk tour is one of the longest walkings in Doncaster. Extending up to 2.4 miles (approximately 4 800 steps). The walk is made more exciting by the recreation park located about 500 steps from the start point. The park offers you a chance to relax as you wait for the more extended exploration along the remaining walk.

5. Hyde Park Tour walk

A great way to enjoy boroughs vast green spaces of Doncaster is by taking a stroll along the Hyde Park Tour Walk stretching for over 2 miles. The walking tour starts at Elmfield park and makes the distance around the town playing field before heading back into the park

When planning to enjoy a walking tour, it is advised of you to find a knowledgeable tour guide that will direct you to the fascinating places. The tour guide should be able to identify and explain some historical and iconic features as you walk around the town. That will enable you to enjoy as well as have a good insight of the town.

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