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Google Maps Service

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Google Maps Marketing Service

There is no magic trick to getting your Google Maps listing into the top 3 positions in Google, it is a case of doing what is required by Google. The problem is most individuals and online marketing companies don’t fully understand the correct steps to get your GMB listing ranking for your business, just like I don’t know how to build a mobile app.

It’s not what we do but how we do it that gets you ranking on page 1 of Google!

We have a simple process of ranking GMB listings on Google


Step 1


A keyword & competition analysis will be done for business. This will give us a full understanding of what is required to get your GMB into the top 3 positions.


Step 2


We align your business N.A.P. information across the internet according to your GMB listing. Correct N.A.P. information will solidify your business with Google.

Step 3


We create optimised copy that will be used around the internet that will inform the search engines that your GMB listing is legit and should be moved up the rankings.

Step 4

Link Building

We will create the quality inbound links that will point to your business that Google will recognise as important. These links will move your Google Maps position.

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Google Maps Marketing

Unfortunately, this is not a one size fits all type of marketing. Your business is different to the next and so on…

Ranking your GMB listing depends on many factors: the way your website is setup, the content on your website, your GMB setup, local Citations and the list goes on and it is determining this information that will allow G Maps Agency to get your listing appearing on the first page of Google.

There is also no half measures when it comes to ranking your Google Maps listing. You can not just fix your citations and hope your listing moves up the Google maps search.

We offer a complete Google Maps Marketing service that will get your listing seen by customers searching online.

Google Maps Ranking Factors

Google Maps SEO is similar to local organic SEO but there are some differences. Google Maps works off GEO location information rather than optimised content on your website.

Google wants to present the best local businesses based on the searcher’s query. 

Below are 7 questions that will determine if your Google My Business listing will appear when customers are looking for your services:

1. Is your GMB listing fully optimised?

2. Has your Google My Business listing been verified 100%?

3. Google ratings & reviews: what is your average rating value?

4. Is your citation accurate to your GMB information? This is very important!

5. Does your website have a good domain authority?

6. How is your website connected to your GMB listing?

7. Location of your business to the searcher on Google?

We ask ourselves these same question when we start working with a new clients’ Google My Business listing.

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