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Learn of the Activities in Doncaster

With a rich history to boast about, Doncaster is a historic market town that lies in South Yorkshire. The Doncaster population is not afraid to show pride in their city With the venues like Doncaster Dome which features leisure and entertainment, regions premier sports, and with more than 50 activities taking place; you will have to engage yourself in these full range of events. The Doncaster Dome location is opposite the Town Moor Golf Course and along the Gilwide way which branches from Avenue 638. The Dome features the Following activities;

Doncaster City


Placed against the tropical rainforest backdrop of the Amazon adventure, is a multi-pool wonderland water of fountains, airbeds, geysers, and jets. With a wide range of distinct swimming sessions, everybody has something from activities like quiet sessions of swimming to the dun action of the Amazonian adventure. Features and slides of the events include the falls, serpent, family slides, wild water rapids and the black hole.

2. Ice skating

Attracting skaters from across South Yorkshire, Doncaster and beyond, Doncaster’s Dome is the best and original and that’s why they are the destination for skating in the region. The Dome’s location is within the ice surrounding of the ice caps, the skaters of all ages and abilities get an offer of a novel ice skating experience given by the two interconnecting ice pads. They also offer a wide range of skating facilities which include the split-level ice rink, on-site cafe, arcade zone, ice skate shop, lockers and free car park. Take note that in the skating zone, children’s of ages below seven years must have an adult accompanying them at all time.

3. Sports and fitness activities

A vast number of sports activities like indoor football, netball, volleyball, badminton, short tennis, and squash are just some of the events provided by the multi-purpose sports hall in the Doncaster’s Dome. The room is split into three spacious courts which make it ideal for all kinds of indoor sports games. For the selection of rocket sports, the hall has three squash courts and some small courts as well. The Dome is a great place to settle your mind away from the everyday turbulence that you go through in your life; the visit guarantees you an exciting experience.

In addition to these activities provided by the Doncaster’s Dome, there are other activities as well supplied in the Doncaster’s locality.

4. Boat riding and fishing

Presence of the Askern lake located in the ccentreof the town with the surrounding park provides enjoyable activities for fishing and boat riding. The waters offer ideal fishing spot and due to the availability of tarmac road going around the lake, it suites it for disabled anglers. The tarmac also provides a perfect path for walking and cycling along the lake which offers a sweet breathtaking moment to the pedestrians and cyclist.

Doncaster is one of the excellent destination for you, your family and friends to be during this festive and any other holiday season to engage in these and many more other activities as well as enjoying the fantastic fun that comes along with them.



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